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2 Charts Today

Evening All,

Below is a chart I wanted to share regarding the S&P P/E multiple, which reflects today's ALL TIME HIGH exuberance. There has not been a time in history when the market was more exuberant and disconnected from fundamentals. It's a risky time to get involved in equities and I don't recommend putting any of your portfolio into stocks on a broad level at these valuations. We have surpassed the DotCom Bubble valuations and are now at a new level.

The bonus chart represents the total emissions for the European Union, the United States, and China. What it shows is that China leads the way in worldwide CO2 emissions, and no discussion of pollution, or Green Energy, makes sense without China at the table. Unless China agrees to emissions cuts and carbon neutrality, which is easy in word, but hard in action, the actions of the EU and USA are largely mute.


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