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Opening a Second Portfolio

Currently I run a portfolio based on fundamentals, traded with a goal of asset protection and short term appreciation. It is actively traded.

I recently opened another debt only fund however. The fund is designed to receive a large amount of passive income which in turn will be used for long term investment.

In the future I will open another fund, which will be a perfectly balanced short and long portfolio. We will short specific companies with poor fundamentals, poor products, etc., and long the market the S&P 500. The theory is that over the long-term the S&P will filter out poorly performing companies and only add strong well performing companies, and we will try to gain and outperform the market by being involved on the upside with our S&P long, and also gain on the down days by being short the worst companies the market has to offer. We will never go long any specific names.

posting results for all 3 portfolios will begin in August, 2018.

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